16 May

Weeds: A Health Journey of Struggle, Discovery, and Healing with the Master Gardener

“Each page of my life seems to be a different life
altogether. Each day seems to be as if I am beginning
again; and, yet, it all seems to overlap and piece
together at the same time.”

Ebook ready for purchase 🙂

Print books will be ready for purchase soon.

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10 May



Hello everyone

It has been a while since I mailed out a newsletter. I have a lot of information to pass along to you.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  😊


I have a book on the market.  Yes! it is finally completed.  I would love you to purchase a copy, and pass on the information to others.  I am including the link here.  Weeds: A Health Journey of Struggle, Discovery, and Healing with the Master Gardener Kindle Edition We have but one body for our entire lives. I made a commitment long ago to take exceptional care of my body because I did not want to become another statistic in the great line of those before me. Then alpha-gal syndrome (AGS) seeded itself in me, causing struggle and strife. I refused to let it take root. This book is about the journey how the Almighty Father, the Master Gardener, gave me the tools to discover, heal, and root out many fears, including AGS.

Watch for a print version on Amazon also.  We had a bit of a delay, but It will be up in the next week or so. 



I am opening a stretch class. I have two people signed up already.  The class begins Wednesday, May 17, at 8:00 am (we can move it to 9 am if that is better for everyone). I will begin with one a week, and move to two a week when we get going and I have a good amount of people.  I need a lot of help to spread the word.  Please pass this on to everyone. NEVER guess who might want to and who might not; You never know who has been thinking about it and It will surprise you, so please tell everyone.  Thank you.   (if you have Facebook, share my web page and it will have the info, easy to pass on to a lot of people at once).  Web page link for Natural Helping Hands  and link for Facebook page for Natural Helping Hands   $45 per month.  SUPER GOOD DEAL. Contact me to sign up. 


Exercise, Workouts, and Resources for education

One of the best places to get a great workout and do it at your leisure or with a group, is at Faithful Workouts.  Check them out for all your stretching, core, leg, and more workouts. You will also get food and spiritual encouragement advice.  I have used this group for many years. I will be going on a retreat with Michelle and others in the autumn.  I love this group. You will love it also.

ONE MORE THING: there is a great program beginning called Sugar challenge. I did it in the past and it really works! It will help you to find your issue with sugar, and tackle it.  you will have so much help and support.  Go for it. Added Sugar and Bread/carbs are the greatest threat to diet, weight loss, and other health related issues.

While we are on the subject of good resources: IIN is a great place to take a jump into learning, for yourself, family and friends.  I have been though the courses many years ago; it is worth the time and money.  You will get the best of the best out there. You will have all you need, and the overwhelming anxiety of “loads of information out on the internet” will be gone, with this one program.  I assure you that it will change your life!   Link for IIN is here.


SWIM Aerobics (all ages and abilities)

I am official AEA instructor for water aerobics. Is it fun, and it is one of the best ways to work out, especially with limited abilities, post trauma, and other things of that nature.  Talk to me about getting a class going on Petit Jean Mountain.  I plan to try a class on Thursdays or Fridays, at noon when the pool opens, to avoid the large crowds. I would have an hour instruction.  $6 per session/person.  Contact me to sign up. 


I really need reviews on the google and on my web page.  Would you please take a few minutes, and it really is just a few minutes, to write a 5 star review about your services with me.  It will help me to stay on top of the search bar for our area.  BE as detailed as you feel you want to be.  Health coaching, massage, and other services you have had with me, can be placed on the review.  REVIEWS for Natural Helping Hands


I am starting up Rumble again.  Thursday evenings live, 7 pm Central time.  Got to the link here. Rumble for Natural Helping Hands   I will speak about 15-30 minutes on health subjects, herbs, and massage techniques; It will be things not usually spoken about. 


Thank you for your support and referrals.  You are important. 

Faith Family Freedom Fitness Wellness  

Jeana Anderson, C.N.H.P., MMT, CLT, CEIM, CBS

Natural Helping Hands, LLC



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11 Mar

workout and widows/widowers

This message is one I need to share here. It is a great low impact, total body workout, but ALSO a superb message all the way through about widows and widowers.

An article from Got Questions, said, “widows are often grouped with vulnerable members of society such as the fatherless, aliens, and the poor (Deuteronomy 14:29; 16:11; 24:20; 26:12). The Bible says widows are to be treated with honor and compassion and offered protection so that no one takes advantage of them.” The article goes on to say, “God recognized the widow’s plight and rose to her defense: “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling” (Psalm 68:5). A person who denied justice to a widow was cursed by God: “Cursed is anyone who withholds justice from the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow” (Deuteronomy 27:19). Laws and special provisions were put in place to safeguard widows against neglect and abuse.”

Jesus condemned the Pharisees for their ill-treatment of widows (Mark 12:40).

widows and widowers can be young, or older. REMEMBER THAT. They all need the same care.

Stay connected. Call, text, message, often.

Say you are sorry for our loss.

Call and ask specifically, “Can we go for a walk together?” “Would you like me to take the kids to the park?”

Refer to spouse’s acts or words – serious or humorous.

Invite them to anything, as if they were not widows/widowers. Include them in your activities just as you did before the spouse was no longer there.

Accept that we they are where they are.

Walk the talk. They need us. We need them.
09 Mar

Stress and Anxiety

25,000 genes at conception

These genes multiply to trillions upon trillions as organs grow and humans develop.

Genes: 65% are the same as a banana, 75% are the same as a fruit fly, 80% are the same as a mouse, 99% are the same as a chimpanzee. We are human, not animal. We have a percent that is only human, setting us apart from all life forms.

96% of all elements in the body are Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen. 4 % are all the other elements. All are important blocks to our body.

What does this have to do with stress and anxiety? Before our birth (constitution), our conception day, while we are in the womb, our birth, place of birth, and after birth (condition) play a part in our daily lives. Stress and anxiety can be from imbalances of elements, trauma, circumstances, food, environment, and more.

Everything that occurs in our lives is embedded in our fascia; imprints of trauma in life never go away, but it can be turned around/changed.

Join us as we take on this huge subject, break it down into intricate parts, and tune into bio individuality.

Live Stream, Rumble, each Thursday at 10 am. It will be recorded as well. WE will be in the series of stress and anxiety for the next 6 weeks or more. Series episodes will include: nutritional influences in connection to emotional eating, dehydration, maternal caregivers and general caregivers, navigating relationships, and physical manifestations such as allergic reactions, panic attacks, and mood disorders.

14 Feb

Journey to Wellness

WE go live at NOON CST to introduce our new wellness series. Jacalyn Poyner. These are recorded. Watch for the each week, maybe twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


09 Feb

We are gardeners

I am sharing an article I received from a gardening planning newsletter. Check it out. Utilize the information. DIG IN AND CREATE. Happy gardening. Jeana

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made in your garden? They seem endless.

And then there are the decisions around what to buy. What supplies do you really need for your garden? Maybe you have questions similar to most of us…

  • what organic pest control methods work?
  • what fertilizer do I use?
  • what tools do I really need?
  • what irrigation method should I use?

I remember asking all of those questions when I started gardening, and back then I had no one to ask. Of course, my mom gave me a bottle of Sevin dust and I used it because I didn’t know what I know now.

That’s just one example. I really had no clue what I needed and what I didn’t. Unless you have someone beside you giving you advice, you never know.

Because over the years I found so many people asking me the same questions I wondered as a first-time gardener, I decided to make a list of my favorite gardening resources, from books to tools and beyond.

If you’re wondering what gardening books are good for beginners, or what organic fertilizer you should choose, or what tools are must-haves, I’ve created collections on Amazon with links to my favorites.

Click on over to discover:

My Favorite Gardening Books for Beginners (My own book, Vegetable Gardening for Beginners, is included in this list, but there are so many other great ones here, too, many whose authors I’ve interviewed on the podcast.)

My Favorite Gardening Tools (The soil thermometer is a must-have.)

My Top Picks for Organic Fertilizers and Insecticides (I use Fish Fertilizer and GardenTone the most.)

My Most-Used Harvest to Kitchen Supplies (because you’ll want to do something with your harvest!)

Hopefully these supplies will get you started in knowing what you might need (and not need) in your garden. If you’re looking for a tool or resource I haven’t mentioned, let me know and I’ll give you my thoughts.


P.S. Check out these articles on which tools are my favorite for different uses and why. Unsubscribe | Update your profile

09 Jan

Hernia info you may not know

different types of hernias and solutions

The articles below are helpful to gain understanding about hernias. The upper and lower hernias can be there without you even knowing.


Other good articles I found:



Keep on researching, and keep on working to find the best solution, not the “easiest or fastest” necessarily. There is a solution for everything.

Blessings to you all. May the Almighty Father Yahweh God give you wisdom and a path to healing.

15 Dec

December Newsletter 2022

Hello Friends!


Manifestations take hold by graveling with our hearts and minds. They attack our thresholds and tear down our ability to let go. We build expectations in everything. Expectations lead to distress in body, mind and soul. Expectations lead to “unforgivingness” with others, self, situations, and things. (note: unforgivingness is NOT just with humans) Unforgiveness (or unforgivingness) leads to stress and anxiety of all levels. Unforgiveness is poison. The way to release stress and anxiety is to get rid of the toxins creating it, one at at time, pulling them out like weeding a garden. Forgiveness, releasing, and serving heals the heart (quite literally) and gives your health back.

(Col. 3:13). As the old hymn says, “Nothing between my soul and the Savior, so that His blessed face may be seen. Nothing preventing the least of His favor; keep the way clear! Let nothing between.”

I am writing a book on this subject: Weeds. Commit to pulling one weed a day. I made a commitment to be in my physical garden every day. I see more fruit than weeds with this approach. When this is applied to the body, mind and soul, stress and anxiety decrease greatly. When stress and anxiety decrease, the body heals from the inside out, heals the organs, heals the brain, heals the nerves, heals the bones..you see where I am going with this.

Joy is not happiness. Happiness is circumstantial. Joy is lasting, constant, settled, and not affected by the “outside” distractions. We have to roll up our sleeves, join the adventure, and take care of our garden.

We tend to avoid and resist all suffering at all costs. We demand to bring our expectations to reality through various means. However, there IS redemption and value in pain, illness, or any experience that isn’t what we have envisioned for ourselves. Escaping from discomfort, or helping others do so, will never be successful. All of us are frail, going about life’s journey, breakable.


I HAVE GIFT CERTIFICATES. Purchase a gift certificate for massage, biofeedback or health coaching

for a loved one. I HAVE GREAT Massage PACKAGES THAT SAVE YOU $10 per session.  This will keep

you motivated to continue therapy and create accountability. Packages of 6 regular is $325, and

Seniors 60 + is $275. These packages also make great gifts.


See LINK for more information about this amazing test.

CLASSES: ONLINE or IN-PERSON classes for you and your family/friends.  Contact me for more information about setting up a class at your convenience from the comfort of your own home, OR in person.  Topics include, but are not exclusive to, “self-care”, “reflexology”, “headache”, “joint issues”, and more. What do you want to learn?

Heath Corner

Prevention and Treatment of Illness During Flu Season

I would like to share some things with everyone that may help in this season of sickness.  I want to stress that the “swine flu” and other similar viruses have been around before in this country, so this is not a new thing for the human race as it has been portrayed to be.  The Bible says “be not afraid”, and “seek knowledge” and other statements that should lead us to take the time to research all aspects of what is going on around us.  For your convenience, I have listed resources and books that are a few of the most reliable I have found in my lifetime.   I encourage you all to use these resources as a springboard, and a foundation, to build your knowledge of prevention and the things Yahweh our God has created for us to use in times like these.  I always tell people to ask for His direction and hand in the stuff used, because He knows what it is and how it works and will make it work to its best. 

READ more of this article with so much information to benefit you at : https://www.naturalhelp.net/services/natural-remedies/home-remedies/


AZURE provides other families with the highest standard of whole foods at affordable prices. We

believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, organic, non-GMO foods to live long,

strong, meaningful lives.

We are also different in how we bring food to you. Instead of using a middleman or expensive

shipping, we make it affordable to pick up all your groceries, even bulk quantities, at one of our

community delivery drop sites.

I will be ordering from Azure every other month.  I will place an order in JANUARY.   Place your orders by going to the web page, opening an account, choosing Russellville drop, and ordering. You will pay and confirm through the web site. Our delivery address is 511 E Aspen Ln, Russellville, AR 72802 (Seventh Day church parking lot). You will meet, or have someone meet, the truck on order day at the time you receive on your reminder.


Country Life Natural Foods.  You can order, and have products shipped to your house.  The cost is just as low as having the truck deliver it (as with Azure).  This buying club does not have drop points any longer but has done a fabulous service to keep us able to order with the wholesale prices and shipping.  This buying club is only dried goods and personal products; no fresh produce or frozen and refrigerated like with Azure.  I personally get all my dried fruits and grains from this one.  If you are vegan, you can get nearly anything from here. www.clnf.org 


I request your reviews. Would you please take a couple minutes to give me a review on this link? It will be greatly appreciated and keep me on the top of the search engine for my area.  IT really is quick and easy—noting details of what I have done for you helps the searchers find what they are looking for and gives them hope. 


Jeana Anderson, C.N.H.P., MMT, CLT, CEIM, CBS

Natural Helping Hands, LLC



501-690-3306 (I-phone)

03 Aug

August Newsletter

I hope you are all doing well, and walking through disturbances of life with purpose and clarity.  If you are struggling, please contact me or someone who can help. Ask God to give you clarity. Listen for the first response when you ask, and that is the one to go for; the others are going to be side tracks and voices overriding the first one. 


Good info to keep in mind when you feel you have been through all the options.  I want to introduce you to Hyperbaric. I have used this place to rid Lyme, and build my structural issues back to strong again.  I have used it to rid my mind of the junk, rid my body of the toxins creating junk, and clean out my brain.  I have found that it built many things I had no idea it would, such as released my hormone pain, released old injury lock ups, released blocks in the emotions and signals from the brain, and more.  I have continued to take in oxygen with chlorophyl and oxygen foods, to stay on the mend, but I will revisit the chamber ever now and then for a management session protocol.  This Oxygen is the key to ridding the body of the toxins from the virus as well.  I will put that link below as well so you can read for yourself, but I know for a fact that oxygen rids the junk creating residual long haul covid, and other virus residual.  Keep this in mind when looking for the healing to your after virus issues.  see some articles below and links for information.  https://www.facebook.com/oxygen8hyperbarics/

The MOLD Connection to Chronic Illness

An article in Psychology Today by Judy Tsafrir, M.D. notes that mold toxicity is often misdiagnosed as psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, and attention problems. Some may also receive a diagnosis of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mast cell activation disorder, or irritable bowel, when mold toxicity is the ultimate condition.

Dr. Joseph Brewer, MD, is an infectious disease specialist with a special interest in chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, and HIV/AIDS. He published a paper in 2013 looking at 112 chronic fatigue patients that he tested for mycotoxins in the urine. Of those 112 patients, 104 tested positive for a least one mycotoxin, with 30 percent being positive for multiple mycotoxins.

If you have suffered from one of these medical conditions but have not received relief from standard treatments, MOLD may be an underlying cause of your symptoms. Hyperbaric oxygen, or HBOT, is able to halt the growth of mycotoxins and help the body eliminate these toxins, allowing you to finally find a treatment method that works for the chronic conditions!

At Oxygen8, there’s nothing we love more than seeing hyperbarics working and changing lives. We are sharing (with permission) the amazing transformation we have seen in one of our clients with long haulers syndrome after having Covid. This young man had a mild case of Covid in November of 2020. He recovered well initially, but soon developed debilitating symptoms of intense headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, inability to control body temperature and many other symptoms. After seeing three neurologists, a cardiologist, going through many tests, ER visits, a hospital stay and 10 different medications with no relief, he found hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 13 months of constant headaches, and his headache was gone after the first session! After the next session, dizziness had faded and as he continued a few more sessions, all of his symptoms were going away! He is now able to think clearly, play all sports and perform like a champ! What a wonderful testimony to the power of oxygen and pressure! His story is just one of many we have seen in our clinic who have had major relief of post-covid symptoms!

With all that said, I will plug in biofeedback: I am a biofeedback specialist.    I have used the biofeedback to do many of the things stated above as well by using the signals the body already generates (light and sound), and re-establishing them to the strength the body needs them.  The body is a great creation, created to heal, and when we give it what it needs, it will heal itself.  Biofeedback is stress management, and a great way to consistently keep your body stable.   https://www.naturalhelp.net/services/biofeedback/


Watch for my upcoming classes, spread the word, and let me know if there is a time that would be best for you.  See below and on my web page for more info and to sign up. https://www.naturalhelp.net/class-information-and-registration/

  1. Effective massage from the comfort of your home or office. Knowing how you can help those around you is empowering.

While taking time out of your busy schedule to book a massage with a massage therapist may be nice, sometimes it just doesn’t fit in with the busyness of life (or wallet!). Rather than suffering in pain, come learn and feel empowered. Self-Care Techniques will include head, neck, shoulders, low back, pecs, IT/thigh, feet, buttocks/hip, and hands. 

  1. Couples! Friends! Family! You can refresh the whole body to feel fabulous by learning how to massage points on the hands and feet, and following the simple reflexology patterns we’ll show you.