03 Aug

August Newsletter

I hope you are all doing well, and walking through disturbances of life with purpose and clarity.  If you are struggling, please contact me or someone who can help. Ask God to give you clarity. Listen for the first response when you ask, and that is the one to go for; the others are going to be side tracks and voices overriding the first one. 


Good info to keep in mind when you feel you have been through all the options.  I want to introduce you to Hyperbaric. I have used this place to rid Lyme, and build my structural issues back to strong again.  I have used it to rid my mind of the junk, rid my body of the toxins creating junk, and clean out my brain.  I have found that it built many things I had no idea it would, such as released my hormone pain, released old injury lock ups, released blocks in the emotions and signals from the brain, and more.  I have continued to take in oxygen with chlorophyl and oxygen foods, to stay on the mend, but I will revisit the chamber ever now and then for a management session protocol.  This Oxygen is the key to ridding the body of the toxins from the virus as well.  I will put that link below as well so you can read for yourself, but I know for a fact that oxygen rids the junk creating residual long haul covid, and other virus residual.  Keep this in mind when looking for the healing to your after virus issues.  see some articles below and links for information.  https://www.facebook.com/oxygen8hyperbarics/

The MOLD Connection to Chronic Illness

An article in Psychology Today by Judy Tsafrir, M.D. notes that mold toxicity is often misdiagnosed as psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, and attention problems. Some may also receive a diagnosis of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mast cell activation disorder, or irritable bowel, when mold toxicity is the ultimate condition.

Dr. Joseph Brewer, MD, is an infectious disease specialist with a special interest in chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, and HIV/AIDS. He published a paper in 2013 looking at 112 chronic fatigue patients that he tested for mycotoxins in the urine. Of those 112 patients, 104 tested positive for a least one mycotoxin, with 30 percent being positive for multiple mycotoxins.

If you have suffered from one of these medical conditions but have not received relief from standard treatments, MOLD may be an underlying cause of your symptoms. Hyperbaric oxygen, or HBOT, is able to halt the growth of mycotoxins and help the body eliminate these toxins, allowing you to finally find a treatment method that works for the chronic conditions!

At Oxygen8, there’s nothing we love more than seeing hyperbarics working and changing lives. We are sharing (with permission) the amazing transformation we have seen in one of our clients with long haulers syndrome after having Covid. This young man had a mild case of Covid in November of 2020. He recovered well initially, but soon developed debilitating symptoms of intense headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, inability to control body temperature and many other symptoms. After seeing three neurologists, a cardiologist, going through many tests, ER visits, a hospital stay and 10 different medications with no relief, he found hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 13 months of constant headaches, and his headache was gone after the first session! After the next session, dizziness had faded and as he continued a few more sessions, all of his symptoms were going away! He is now able to think clearly, play all sports and perform like a champ! What a wonderful testimony to the power of oxygen and pressure! His story is just one of many we have seen in our clinic who have had major relief of post-covid symptoms!

With all that said, I will plug in biofeedback: I am a biofeedback specialist.    I have used the biofeedback to do many of the things stated above as well by using the signals the body already generates (light and sound), and re-establishing them to the strength the body needs them.  The body is a great creation, created to heal, and when we give it what it needs, it will heal itself.  Biofeedback is stress management, and a great way to consistently keep your body stable.   https://www.naturalhelp.net/services/biofeedback/


Watch for my upcoming classes, spread the word, and let me know if there is a time that would be best for you.  See below and on my web page for more info and to sign up. https://www.naturalhelp.net/class-information-and-registration/

  1. Effective massage from the comfort of your home or office. Knowing how you can help those around you is empowering.

While taking time out of your busy schedule to book a massage with a massage therapist may be nice, sometimes it just doesn’t fit in with the busyness of life (or wallet!). Rather than suffering in pain, come learn and feel empowered. Self-Care Techniques will include head, neck, shoulders, low back, pecs, IT/thigh, feet, buttocks/hip, and hands. 

  1. Couples! Friends! Family! You can refresh the whole body to feel fabulous by learning how to massage points on the hands and feet, and following the simple reflexology patterns we’ll show you.

01 Apr

Heed the messages given to you.

I was cleaning, and while sweeping the floor I had a strange thought.  I visioned a person doing my cleaning. That person was deep cleaning my house during the spring cleaning time of year, that being now. I then had the vision of myself cleaning, deep cleaning.   After this vision, I realized the meaning.  This time of year is the beginning of the year, and tonight will be the new moon, and the first day of the first month of the year in creation.  Spring is a time of cleansing. The earth shows the cleansing herbs growing, the new buds everywhere, the green ears of the vegetables and grains, and the rains.  This time of year, especially the Passover in 14 days from the new moon, is a time of cleansing our insides spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  It is a time to reflect on our year and realize our growth, and the power of the Messiah to intercede in the forgiving of our trespasses.  If we “hire” someone else to clean our homes, we miss out on knowing what we leave behind, and never learn to have better habits of cleanliness.  If we expect the pastor, friend, or counselor to fix our issues and tell us what to do, we will never see it for what it really is.  If we take the time to weed the innermost parts of our heart, mind and soul, we will become aware of the crumbs in places we never knew. We can free ourselves of chains,  overcome fear, conquer anxiety, and heal our bodies of impurities.  The only one that can do this best is you.  It is hard work, there is pain, and you will not like what you find, but the rewards are far more plentiful.  This is the time of year to set goals, and new year confirmations. NOW.

I will give you a few examples of things can do now that will absolutely change your life, and I mean for real, If you set your mind to them for the long haul.

  • Use “I require” instead of “I need”. The word need projects lack. If we are in the right mind set, we have no lack, only requirements.   Clear the channel for only the Creator and you. 
  • Use “inspiration” instead of “intention”.  The word intension projects a sense of tension.  Clear the channel for only inspired words, actions, and thoughts.
  • Keep the thought that all is well.  There is nothing to “protect”. We are aware, safe, prepared, and educated.  Keep the channel open for the messenger to relay the message we need when we need it, and the knowledge pop out when the moment lends itself. I have experience this personally as I allow for the knowing to be there when I need it. I continue to learn. 
24 Mar

Visualize and BE Present

What is your word for the moment? Look at these words. Make chart for yourself using these or your unique words and phrases. “stop and smell the roses”, “nothing matters more than the present moment”, “begin now…and now…and now”, “never give up”. There are so many things you can put on the chart. Keep it minimal, but enough that you are satisfied with the unique words and phrases that will help you each day connect with the moment, and get unstuck from the “yesterday” or “last week”.

Pray and ask. Visualize your moments. Meditate and listen. Act and move. Fear not.

12 Mar

jazz it up with PAZAZ !

Did you also know that dancing is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s?! Dancing requires your brain to work harder to master the steps, it also involves cross body movements and elevates your heart rate so not only are you giving your body a great workout but your brain too! If you want to keep your brain sharp you should PAZAZ regularly.

If you are new to Faithful Workouts, PAZAZ may be a new term for you. It’s a fun name for our cardio/dance style workouts. This style of workout is such a fun way to exercise, plus they help women improve their heart health, reduce anxiety and depression while promoting better sleep.      Here’s another fun fact for you: PAZAZ comes from the Hebrew word David used in the Bible to describe dancing with joy for all that the Lord had done as he was leading the ark into Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6:16).   We offer a variety of styles of cardio so if you haven’t tried PAZAZ you are in for a real treat! You will love this workout filmed in Costa Rica.
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19 Feb

Get out of your head

“What if, instead of spending our energy trying to fix the symptoms, we went to the root of the problem? The reality is that our emotions are a byproduct of the way we think. What’s good about this news is that we can change our thinking.”

As I read that quote from a bible devotional, and thought of what that means, I began to get back to the meaning of my callings in Life. I had lost a little bit of the passion that grew this business this past year. I had been so busy taking care of the business as it has blossomed, that I lost a tiny portion of the initial seed that sprouted. (I am a gardener and I cannot help but speak in gardening terms).

Scripture is bringing me back to that seed core. This statement is bringing me back to that intention for each and every interaction, from clients to marketing, that I have invested into this amazing work: “God, help me break the cycle of my out-of-control thoughts. I want Your truths to invade every decision, every emotion, every thought I have. Amen.

I truly care about you.

15 Feb


Self-Care Bodywork Therapy

February 23 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Effective massage from the comfort of your home or office. Knowing how you can help those around you is empowering.

While taking time out of your busy schedule to book a massage with a massage therapist may be nice, sometimes it just doesn’t fit in with the busyness of life (or wallet!). Rather than suffering in pain, come learn and feel empowered. Self-Care Techniques will include head, neck, shoulders, low back, pecs, IT/thigh, feet, buttocks/hip, and hands.

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30 Jan

Home Bodywork Therapy

Self massage techniques give you an effective massage from the comfort of your home or office. Knowing how you can help those around you is empowering.

While taking time out of your busy schedule to book a massage with a massage therapist may be nice, sometimes it just doesn’t fit in with the busyness of life (or wallet!). Rather than suffering in pain, come learn and feel empowered. Techniques will include head, neck, shoulders, low back, pecs, IT/thigh, feet, buttocks/hip, and hands.


01 Dec


Thanks to Dr. David L. Watts (Founder and Director of Research, Trace Elements Inc.) our Trace Elements Inc. hair analyses not only reveal your current metabolism but equally important, they also reveal your metabolic synchronization.

To explain, your nervous systems must be synchronized with their corresponding endocrine glands. For example, your parasympathetic nervous system (slow) may be dominant but you may have sympathetic endocrine glands (fast) that are dominant at the same time. This reveals that your metabolism is not synchronized and that you do not have a “true” fast or slow metabolism.

This is important information to determine whether you are truly a slow metabolism, fast metabolism, or a metabolism that is out of sync. Remember, each system produces different hormones that have opposing effects throughout the mind and body. As such, each metabolism must be addressed differently.

Dr. Watts established eight metabolic sub-types for the Trace Elements Inc. hair analyses that help determine your metabolism and more importantly, your metabolic synchronization. Keep in mind; individual mineral levels, significant mineral ratios, and toxic elements help derive these sub-types.

The following sub-types are very helpful in determining neurological and endocrine imbalances – metabolic synchronization.

Sub-types for a slow metabolism (para-sympathetic neuroendocrine system dominance) include:

  • Slow 1 – indicates a slow metabolism with low thyroid and adrenal production (synchronized)
  • Slow 2 – indicates a slow metabolism with adrenal dominance (out of sync)
  • Slow 3 – indicates a slow metabolism with thyroid dominance (out of sync)
  • Slow 4 – indicates a slow metabolism with thyroid and adrenal dominance (out of sync)

Sub-types for a fast metabolism (sympathetic neuroendocrine system dominance) include:

  • Fast 1 – indicates a fast metabolism with thyroid and adrenal dominance (synchronized)
  • Fast 2 – indicates a fast metabolism with adrenal dominance and low thyroid (out of sync)
  • Fast 3 – indicates a fast metabolism with thyroid dominance and low adrenal (out of sync)
  • Fast 4 – indicates a fast metabolism with low thyroid and adrenal activity (out of sync)

For more information: Utilization of HTMA for Metabolic Typing. Trace Elements Inc., TEI Newsletter, Volume 3 Sept/October 1989, Number 4

Which metabolic sub-type is best?

A typical question during a consultation is which metabolic type or sub-type is best. The Slow 1 or Fast 1 sub-type is actually best. Best is a bit misleading but in this context, it simply means your dominant neuroendocrine system (nervous system and corresponding endocrine glands) is metabolically synchronized. In essence, this provides a much truer picture of your current metabolism. However, as revealed by the complete nutritional/toxic element pattern, a Slow 1 may be too slow and a Fast 1 may be too fast.

In every instance, it is a matter of increasing or decreasing specific nutrients to achieve a synchronized and more dynamically balanced metabolism. This is accomplished primarily through specific foods and secondarily through a specific dietary supplement program that augments the foods.

Understanding your true metabolism is important and confirms the need too accurately test your metabolism. As you can see, each sub-type would require a slightly different nutritional approach to either shift your metabolism or synchronize your metabolism.

Note: Over 80% of our analyses results reveal most people are a slow metabolic type and includes the 1-4 sub-types.

Jeana Anderson, C.N.H.P., MMT, CLT, CEIM, CBS

Natural Helping Hands, LLC



20 Jun

Covid 19 resources

COVID-19 Resources

Natural Helping Hands disclaimer: I support all that is in this article. There are a variety of ideas and suggestions. Keep well and stay on high immunity.
~ Jeana (blog author) www.naturalhelp.net

DISCLAIMER: This page was last updated in May 2020. As you know, information continues to arrive at a fast pace. New details seem to contradict what we first thought about the virus, and it can all be very overwhelming and mystifying. While many of the resources on this list are still as relevant now as they were a few seasons ago, there are always updates and corrections to consider. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and comments. We wish to emphasize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addressing this pandemic, and the resources listed here should not be considered a replacement for seeking care from a qualified medical practitioner should you or a loved one suspect you have contracted COVID-19.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out asking how herbs can support your health during this challenging and uncertain time. I’ve been contemplating how to respond to all your inquiries about COVID-19 and how it affects you personally, your family, our community, and our global economy. In short, it is a novel viral infection, which means this is new and uncharted territory for all of us, from the single mom who has just lost their employment and is struggling to care for her kids, all the way up to the leaders of our national healthcare agencies. Confusion is normal. Anxiety is natural. In the face of all this uncertainty, we would be robots if we did not feel these emotions.

But of course, we are humans, and our hearts are all feeling heavy today. And equally true, the earth is constantly beneath our feet, supporting us and lifting us up, just as the plants are always surrounding us with their generous medicines, and our ancestors are always at our backs, reminding us that throughout the course of human history, our species has survived trials like this one again and again and again.

Does that make things easier right now? Not really. Maybe it gives but a small spark of light at the end of a long tunnel. But it does mean that we are not alone. We have the plants, we have our ancestors, and we have our communities to lean into during this time of great anxiety, suffering, anger, confusion, and grief.

Yes, grief. Grief as we suffer our own losses of income, social connection, and certainty over our future. Grief as we watch the world around us crumble, as we watch economic systems long propped up collapse. Grief as we witness our healthcare workers on the frontlines neglected of the very personal protective equipment that allows them to serve the ill and still go home to their families. And most of all, grief at the human loss of life in this viral catastrophe.

Many systems of medicine consider grief to be seated in our lungs. As we face the spread of this viral respiratory infection, and all its societal repercussions, this fact has not been lost on me. I’m encouraging my students and clients to use breathwork exercises to strengthen their respiratory system and enhance their immune capacity, but also to address the emotion of grief and help it move through the body constructively.

I talk about this, and much more, in our recent video, Community Health Discussion. To continue that conversation, we are hosting an online workshop series titled Herbs for Resilient Health. Through an in-depth discussion of immune support, antiviral strategies, nourishment, respiratory care, and emotional wellness, our five-part series hopes to empower you with practical strategies to care for your health and the health of your loved ones, so that together, we may ensure the health of our community. Classes will be recorded for later viewing if you can’t make them at their scheduled session time.

Keep your heart strong, look to the plants around you, and lean into community. May we cultivate calm, clarity, and courage to navigate these confusing and uncertain times together.

With hope for healing,
Emily Ruff





Some of these resource links will have duplicate listings, but each is unique and offers a wealth of resources for those wishing to continue further self-study and research on plant allies to call on during this time.


Emotional Wellness

Online Resources for Mental Health (COMPREHENSIVE LIST)

4-7-8 Breath Exercise & Three Breath Exercises (Including 4-7-8)

Yoga Nidra

19 Ways to Tend to your Mental Health

Apps and Programs:

It’s Time to Emotionally Prepare for What’s Coming