The services I focus on include (but are not limited to) the following:

Prices and discriptions: 

Massage therapist

Medical restorative massage
From $70.00
Assess, propose a plan, perform therapy, and evaluate. A whole body massage may or may not happen in one session of a restorative session. An occasional massage leaves you feeling great, regular massage can do so much more, but therapeutic/restorative massage gets to the core of the issues.

Infant massage instruction
From $45.00
This is a two-day course, 60-minute each day. It is $45 per caregiver-baby team, and an additional $10 per adult. Techniques for calming, healing, bonding, making stronger and smarter babies. include asking permission, learning cues, respect, touch relaxation, resting and relaxing holds.

Prenatal massage
From $70.00
Therapeutic massage and bodywork to support the physiologic, structural and emotional well-being of pregnant, laboring and postpartum women, and long-term well-being of women for a year or more after giving birth.

Geriatric massage
From $60.00
Geriatric massage encompasses basic relaxation and stress relief and is also a beneficial tool in fighting many of the symptoms of aging.

Cancer/Oncology massage
From $70.00
I use gentle techniques for cancer patients include craniosacral therapy, reflexology, lymphatic therapy and therapeutic touch. Massage can be a vital part of the process to help cancer patients reclaim and reintegrate their body, making them whole again.

Youth massage
From $55.00
Massage can help kids with Cerebral palsy, down syndrome, cancer (with medical permission), autism, anxiety, body image, asthma/respiratory, premature infant weight gain, development, speech, tactile, and more.

Massage packages
From $300
I have packages for 6 sessions ($360 regular, $300 senior, $275 child)

Reflexology feet, hands, head

From $70

It’s non-invasive, as you remain clothed, and involves the use of thumb and finger techniques to apply alternating pressure to reflexes–which correspond to all parts of the body–located on the feet, hands, face, and ears. I stimulate the complex neural pathways linking body systems.

Biofeedback therapist

Biofeedback session
From $75
The device uses impulses that measure skin temperature known as Electro Dermal Response (EDR); it includes stress reduction training programs for relaxation training, pain management, muscle re-education and brainwave training.

Holistic medicine practitioner

Initial Health Coaching Consultation
Evaluate your key concerns with a health coaching questionnaire. Bring your questions to evaluate what I can do for you.

Hair mineral analysis and consultation
I send a hair sample analysis to check minerals, toxins, tendencies, and patterns in your body; this is one of the best tools to help you begin your journey of weeding out the overwhelming guesswork of your body’s issues. Many times, balancing is the key to most acute and chronic issues.

Health consultant

Coaching Consultation
Evaluate your key concerns with a health coaching questionnaire. Move into a program and process.

Workshopsubjects in health and wellness for all ages. Prices will vary with the number of hours and days for the workshop.