Natural Helping Hands

A holistic approach to wellness and healing

I provide holistic guidance in all areas of natural wellness, stress management, pain reduction and trauma, through medical massage, reflexology, biofeedback and mineral analysis. I create an open window and a stepping stone on your path to better wellness awareness.

I am:

You see a dark gloomy cloud, I see a potential for life-giving release.


You can:

  • Get down to basics, learn the body as a whole
  • house clean (literally and in body)
  • build your body back to what it should be
  • visualize and make the vision a reality
  • take ownership of yourself
  • pay yourself first
  • change your external environment
  • be empowered (not dependent)
  • rediscover the amazing elements of self-healing which the Almighty provided on this Earth to assure humans enjoy vitality of mind, body and spirit.

Make a commitment to have better relationships, physical activity, spirituality, career, and body.

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 Infant massage USA member/CEIM instructor     Daybreak Massage certified therapist