29 Jun

Healing yourself and those around you part 1

FOOD IS BEING THROWN AWAY more than ever. We CAN, when people know what they are doing, plant and raise real food and keep the soil healthy! Even the organic stuff is being affected, but that can change.  We have guts that do not absorb well from the compromised, poor food we have been inflicted with. WE WANT TO BE ALIVE BUT WE EAT DEAD, TOXIC FOOD!


I have lived a life of know only natural health and healing with food and with other modes of holistic healing and wellness.

I would like to encourage you to keep up with my web page here, my blogs, my Facebook page blogs, and also utilize other web pages and information such as listed below.  I have a lifetime of research I plan to put onto my web page, use in my live classes, and use in my daily client coaching and massage.  I would like you to encourage the youth to come into this world and learn all they can while they are young to avoid and prevent the things that can come up in later years.  I am an advocate for the youth being taught as I was and grow up with an approach to living that most have forgotten or know little about in this country of ours.

Again, below are just a few of the places you can grow and learn without being overwhelmed.  My sight will stay simple also, and link you to many connections to fit your own individual needs.

Let’s get healthy together!!  Let’s combat the growing number of mainstream health issues the pharmaceutical industry is not doing much for, except causing the populations to grow sicker.














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