31 May


Below are just couple of examples of how we can do things within ourselves. It is created in us to do so. Use it! I can help direct you to many ways to find the way for you, and your loved ones.

“My wife told me that she has a cyst on her right ovary and “it does not look good”. During her routine ultrasound it was discovered that she had a dermoid cyst. The doctor suggested surgery to remove the whole right ovary. He warned us that solid cysts do not go away and that my wife would need surgery. My wife saw an advanced John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release therapist the following day and subsequently completed 10 Myofascial Release sessions. When my wife had her second ultrasound performed, the cyst was completely gone! “No surgery” the doctor said. What a relief! Thank you John for bringing Myofascial Release to our lives!”

Then a friend told me about Cheryl. I had realized by then that the allopathic doctors I had been dealing with knew nothing about the healing of cancer. Wasting no time indulging in self-pity, I phoned Cheryl and after talking with her realised that I would have to do this myself. Cheryl immediately got me started on the Budwig protocol.

At first I never thought I would be able to do this protocol… but by October I could feel life returning to my body. I was able to walk normally again, most of the pain was gone and in November I went back to work. My oncologist reckons that I am a miracle – imagine that!! It was in fact simple work and dedication – I had to learn how to eat properly etc., but Cheryl trained my wife and myself and made it all easy and simple. We had to learn how to make sauerkrautkefir, our own bread and sprout our own seeds [see Explanatory notes re kefir and sprouting], not to mention the juicing, correct foods and of course the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mix and sunlight(which I took in the nude to the extent possible) on a daily basis. I used the Eldi oil rubs we purchase from Germany as well as body brushing and a mini trampoline(rebounder) [to activate the lymphatic circulation] every day.

Source: Healing Cancer Naturally


I met Bailey O’Brien at a conference in Phoenix, AZ. She told me her remarkable story of how she healed stage 4 melanoma and then we shot this short interview for you. It was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend. you’re gonna love her!

Source: Chris Beat Cancer

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