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Natural Health

Natural Health

Jeana’s favorite web sites and resources for natural health learning and information and for purchasing natural health and healing related supplies

Jeana’s favorite books – used often –  A special family friend, herbalist, and doctor of Natural Medicine and Natural Health; His formulas are amazing!

Mountain Rose Herbs  – buying, resources, for herbs and related topics

Bulk Herb Store –  buying, resources, for herbs and related topics AND lots of learning videos (free) and info pages

Herbal Healer – buying, resources, for herbs and related topics AND local Arkansas doctor

Andrea Beaman – Holistic health and thyroid expert

Aviva Romm M.D. –  integrative medicine for women and children

To Your Health – learning research resource

American Botanical Council – data bases and resources for all aspects of science behind plants

Steven Foster – author of the popular Peterson guides, plants, insects, etc.

Sage Mountain Herbal Education Center – Rosemary Gladstar, author and superb resource for herbal and medicinal information.  She has written many books.

Lucky Vitamin – for all your vitamin/supplement needs….this place is all the brands you love at a low affordable cost.  I love this place for ordering.

Mother Earth News – you will find every subject under the sun and one of the best resources for decades.

Dentists – you will find dentists who do natural oral care.

Aligning Wellness – sigma-intruments will help to elimminate the guesswork of traditional chirpractic theorpy.

Buying Club Bulk Buying (Food and Natural Health): grains, produce, groceries, personal care, and the list goes on; whatever you can buy in a health food store, you will find in these buying clubs cheaper.

  • Country Life Natural Foods  – Call me for information on how to order. Go on line to see what they are and what they stock.  If you want to be on the ordering email list for updates and ordering date info, please send me your email.

    Azure Standard Natural Foods – Call me for information about placing orders. Go online, set up an account and start ordering.  If you want to be on the mailing list for updates and my ordering info, please send me your email.

Some of my favorite books (used often):

Prescription for Nutritional Healing and Prescription for Herbal Healing and Prescription for Dietary Wellness by Phyllis A. Balch and James F. Balch

Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss
this a classic

Own Your Own Body by Dr. Stan Malstom N.D. M.T

Rosemary Gladstar books
any of them are a bookshelf necessity

Sweet and Natural: Desserts Without Sugar, Honey, Molasses, or Artificial Sweetener by Janet Warrington
this is a super one, but there are other wonderful cookbooks on this subject I plan on getting for myself.

Herbal Antibiotics, Natural Remedies for Treating Drug-resistant Bacteria by Stephan Harrod Bhuner (A Story Medicinal Herb Guide)
A very good book to explain why antibiotics are not working like they used to…composition of plants vs single cell antibiotics…..and what to use to combat what the modern antibiotics and treatments cannot. This is a must for every bookshelf.

The Maker’s Diet by Jordan S. Rubin
Biblically based and scientifically proven. This book will change your life! It is amazing.

Touch of Life by Dr. Robert C Fulford, D.O.
The Healing Power of the Natural Life Force.

The Best Alternative Medicine by Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier, director NIH-funded complementary and alternative medicine program, Stanford university school of medicine.  What Works? What does not?

Healing Mind, Healthy Woman by Alice D. Domar, phD, and Henry Dreher
using the mind-body connection to manage stress and take control of your life.

The MD Emperor has no Clothes by Dr. Peter Glidden, B.S., ND
everybody is sick and I know why.

Breathe Again Naturally by Bernard Jensen, DC, nutritional counselor
How to deal with catarrh, bronchitis, asthma, manage lung and bronchial problems through a natural living and eating program.  IT WORKS.

Cancer: Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger
very thick book, and very revealing.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (nutrition) natural treatment for dysptaxia, autism, a.d.d., dyxlexia, a.d.h.d, depression, schizophrenia, and more…..THIS IS FOR EVERYONE.

Are You Ready? Fema, Dept of Homeland Security, or call 1800 Be Ready –  FREE BOOK!  This book is a must for your family; an excellent resource for your survival knowledge, easy for all the family to read and understand, and covers all subjects of survival.

The World’s Best Anatomical Charts by the Anatomical Chart Company (Get their catalog also, superb)
This is a great book, as detailed as you can possibly get without taking a picture yourself.  Every chiropractor and other medical people use this book.  Not expensive, large desk size format of 37 medical school quality human anatomy charts, and more.

A Women’s Health Resource, Health and Hormone Balance by Transitions for Health, Inc. Women’s Institute.

Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink, PHD.
Why we eat more than we think. This is great fun reading, and tells the reality of our human mindlessness when it comes to eating, how much we eat, and why we are eating.

Little Sugar Addicts by Kathleen Des Maisons, PhD.
End the Mood swings, Meltdowns, tantrums, and low self esteem in your child today. How to recognize sugar sensitivity, easy way to get your child to eat the right foods, without deprivation.  Menus, grocery lists, kid friendly menus that they can make themselves.

Own your own Health, Choosing the Best from Alternative and Conventional Medicine by Roanne Weisman and Brian Berman, MD.
Experts to guide your research to inform you, stories to inspire you. If you are overwhelmed by all the medical ways and terms, read this! You will have a better idea of which route to go. This is for all who want to know how to navigate the confusing world of medicine.

The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition by Sheldon Margen M.D. The University of California at Berkeley
How to buy, store, and prepare every variety of fresh food; If you want to learn what is the nutritional value of foods, this is a good book to look at also.

None of these Diseases by S.I.McMillen, MD
A physician testifies that health, happiness, and longer life can be yours if you follow the teachings of the Bible. Good READ!

Relearning to See, Improve Your Eyesight Naturally! by Thomas R. Quackenbush
Yep, from experience, it works, and my eyesight is improving!

The Wild Food Cookbook by Roger Phillips
Filled with detailed recipes and preparation instructions that are critical to cooking and enjoying wild foods.

More good books

An Herbalist Library: Historical References – a short list of some favorite inspirational books from western herbalists that focus on traditional plant remedies, as well as the rich history of herbalism.

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