29 Jun

BAM! Healing at its best.

I have just recently had a powerful realization into the fact that we can see and help others through so much and never see it hitting us. BAM! it hit me. I crashed physically a couple weeks ago, and, through a week of process and counsel from human and spiritual means, health made an “about face” and was snuffed out to the core (literally). It was all done completely by core healing (4th chakra emotional releases) and mental “breathing”/listening; (there was physical cleansing, but it was because I was so shut down I could not eat, but only drink my food for three days). I will not go into the details, but it was a perfect example of liver, gut, core junk stemming from primary food alone (Primary food being things not on the plate). I have never experienced that before, only have seen it occur in others. It really makes an impression when one can truly release fear and anxiety and internal “holding” of past junk, and turn the physical body around in hours, immediately.

I could have been in the hospital using the medical testers, and they probably finding nothing wrong with me and at the same time arguing with them knowing I was in trouble because I could feel something was wrong and see signs all over me that something was wrong (bloated, yellow eyes, gray tongue, no appetite, etc.); I could have been paying loads of money to do so, and becoming worse in the process. I could have gone through unnecessary surgeries, tests, meds and more…YUCK!

I will add that I began the process, within that two weeks of “crashing”, to the point of the actual crash, with focusing on the herbal and food based healing. It was doing good, but it was not until the three days of releasing the core emotions that were locked up inside, that healing took the final destination in my body.

I am thankful for the truth to be revealed to me and that I having a listening ear to hear it. I want even more to help others hear it in themselves, more than I have already been doing all my life. I want you to be empowered and know that you know more than you every could imagine you know.

contact me and lets get some connections for you going.

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