27 May

Not about you anymore…..

When your career, or other aspect of life, is helping others, it is not about you anymore. Where is the CENTER, the grounding, the source? WE have to achieve center. When we are thinking centered, we are thinking from the core instead of the head.

Wisdom is just that. Awareness is heart-minded guidance. Our energy needs to be about manifestation of the two. Center. Balance.

Believe. Be present.  The healing power of Jesus may have just simply been presence.

Your body is your business. No one, not doctors or family or friends, knows the body better than you. We have been trained to give our power over... question that! Question and listen to your gut, your intuition.

Physically diagnose with the stress responses in your life.  What was the response to a situation before sickness occurred to make us susceptible to the illness?

Write your own prescription.

Surrender. Desire. Turn it over. Illness and issues can be the turning point to spiritual awakening.

Keep hope alive. You are not alone.

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