08 Feb

Keep in Mind…

I will get right to it.

While going through life, and walking this earth, one must take into consideration some fine points about the human disturbances before putting out information to friends that something is toxic or not good for us or our animals.

I have recently heard some things about foods and plants that have me wondering, “what happened to research before you post”? What happened to “think before you speak”? What happened to “prove all things”, before forging forward explaining things as fact? What happened to reason?

okay, we cannot answer these questions, but I can make a few statements to get it turning back to thinking, reasoning, and researching again.

One: If one puts out the word that gluten is the killer of society, or gluten needs to be cut out of every diet, or the best one, “we are not supposed to eat bread”…let us go all the way back to the Bible. Jesus ate bread, yeast bread, wheat and barley bread. Now, forward, we have changed grains to where they are not what they were. JUST research this and one can find this to be true. If we buy grains from the best possible sources, and find them untainted as possible, most gluten intolerance would not be happening.  Enough said on that because all I wanted to do was point out the fine point of research and then one can find the truth, not depending upon the doctors, pharmacies and media to inform you (lies and trends instead of truth).  Another fine point to this has to do with not just the changing of our grains, but the changing of our dependencies, our farming, our living conditions, our lifestyles, our soils, and so the list goes on.  Take all into consideration, as the Bible says, “and the truth will make you free” and this applies to our food too.

Two: If one says that your pets will die from a certain plant or flower, think twice or even three times.  Flowers and plants are part of our world.  If your plants are coming from a non organic source, such as a flower shop, then there is more to the story of what is toxic in the plant than just the plant alone. RESEARCH and find out the source of the plant.  A plant from a flower shop (rarely are there organic shops), is a plant that has been created and farmed with chemicals and gmo, and has a history of poor genetics.  The plant it NOT the problem, rather the junk in the plant is the problem. Do more research and talk to others with animals, both in organic farms, and in cities, to find out if they have heard of these things. Call vets from small towns. Get the point? Find out if it really is the plant that killed your pet (or made it ill), or if it was something else before spreading a scare to all pet owners that a simple lovely flower that a friend gave you in a vase, was the evil, and therefore “all” of those particular plants or flowers in the world are evil to your pets.

I can continue to give examples of things I have been sent or told, but I feel that these two get across the point well, that we need to reason, think and research before making blanket statements to friends. Our world is full of lies because of blanket scares or statements, in wellness and health.

Take care.

be well, be healthy, be

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