22 Feb

Blow Your Mind Today…and Tomorrow!!

Want your mind blown? Seriously let The Father take it all for the day. It is hard to let go of “plans”, “tasks”, etc…and you do not have to let them all go (dishes and laundry and cooking have to be done 😉 wink). I have tried my schedule for months, and I am not building… I decided to wake up Sunday and let it all just be as it would be: have a plan but if it changes, look up–ask–and go with the answer……..UNBELIEVABLE!

I did this well while a mother homeschooling, but the past few years while life transitioned before my eyes without my “permission”, I have struggled with letting go. I am guessing I was not letting go as much as I thought in the past, OR, most likely, I became comfortable with that level and it is time for some shake up. I do not do well with instability. I know this. With practice, however, and with constant listening practice (meditation mindfulness), I have learned to release the core issues ground deep in my core. With EACH release, comes more opening, more opportunity, more strength, more connections, more ease in letting go!!!

On two days, I had a timeline plan, and both days, I kept the voice loud that what comes into it will be (and the other things will be done later or switched around). I had time with my daughter Aimee I hardly ever get – 😉 big smile – just from letting the Jeana timeline go… I made two business connections that I would have never considered, and I had a conversation that helped a frustrated mother and she then built a marketing plan for me that will be instituted today. I am on cloud 9 with God and gonna just stay here a while! Oh, the biggest thing that has come out of all this: I will be OK with my husband’s career adjustments or timeline. There is a time and place for real needed change, and we will know when that is, when it occurs, even if it is difficult instability for me now.

I can do all things through Messiah who strengthens me — this is not doing my stuff, it is doing HIS stuff with the gifts he has given me.


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