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December Newsletter 2022

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Manifestations take hold by graveling with our hearts and minds. They attack our thresholds and tear down our ability to let go. We build expectations in everything. Expectations lead to distress in body, mind and soul. Expectations lead to “unforgivingness” with others, self, situations, and things. (note: unforgivingness is NOT just with humans) Unforgiveness (or unforgivingness) leads to stress and anxiety of all levels. Unforgiveness is poison. The way to release stress and anxiety is to get rid of the toxins creating it, one at at time, pulling them out like weeding a garden. Forgiveness, releasing, and serving heals the heart (quite literally) and gives your health back.

(Col. 3:13). As the old hymn says, “Nothing between my soul and the Savior, so that His blessed face may be seen. Nothing preventing the least of His favor; keep the way clear! Let nothing between.”

I am writing a book on this subject: Weeds. Commit to pulling one weed a day. I made a commitment to be in my physical garden every day. I see more fruit than weeds with this approach. When this is applied to the body, mind and soul, stress and anxiety decrease greatly. When stress and anxiety decrease, the body heals from the inside out, heals the organs, heals the brain, heals the nerves, heals the bones..you see where I am going with this.

Joy is not happiness. Happiness is circumstantial. Joy is lasting, constant, settled, and not affected by the “outside” distractions. We have to roll up our sleeves, join the adventure, and take care of our garden.

We tend to avoid and resist all suffering at all costs. We demand to bring our expectations to reality through various means. However, there IS redemption and value in pain, illness, or any experience that isn’t what we have envisioned for ourselves. Escaping from discomfort, or helping others do so, will never be successful. All of us are frail, going about life’s journey, breakable.


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See LINK for more information about this amazing test.

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Heath Corner

Prevention and Treatment of Illness During Flu Season

I would like to share some things with everyone that may help in this season of sickness.  I want to stress that the “swine flu” and other similar viruses have been around before in this country, so this is not a new thing for the human race as it has been portrayed to be.  The Bible says “be not afraid”, and “seek knowledge” and other statements that should lead us to take the time to research all aspects of what is going on around us.  For your convenience, I have listed resources and books that are a few of the most reliable I have found in my lifetime.   I encourage you all to use these resources as a springboard, and a foundation, to build your knowledge of prevention and the things Yahweh our God has created for us to use in times like these.  I always tell people to ask for His direction and hand in the stuff used, because He knows what it is and how it works and will make it work to its best. 

READ more of this article with so much information to benefit you at : https://www.naturalhelp.net/services/natural-remedies/home-remedies/


AZURE provides other families with the highest standard of whole foods at affordable prices. We

believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, organic, non-GMO foods to live long,

strong, meaningful lives.

We are also different in how we bring food to you. Instead of using a middleman or expensive

shipping, we make it affordable to pick up all your groceries, even bulk quantities, at one of our

community delivery drop sites.

I will be ordering from Azure every other month.  I will place an order in JANUARY.   Place your orders by going to the web page, opening an account, choosing Russellville drop, and ordering. You will pay and confirm through the web site. Our delivery address is 511 E Aspen Ln, Russellville, AR 72802 (Seventh Day church parking lot). You will meet, or have someone meet, the truck on order day at the time you receive on your reminder.


Country Life Natural Foods.  You can order, and have products shipped to your house.  The cost is just as low as having the truck deliver it (as with Azure).  This buying club does not have drop points any longer but has done a fabulous service to keep us able to order with the wholesale prices and shipping.  This buying club is only dried goods and personal products; no fresh produce or frozen and refrigerated like with Azure.  I personally get all my dried fruits and grains from this one.  If you are vegan, you can get nearly anything from here. www.clnf.org 


I request your reviews. Would you please take a couple minutes to give me a review on this link? It will be greatly appreciated and keep me on the top of the search engine for my area.  IT really is quick and easy—noting details of what I have done for you helps the searchers find what they are looking for and gives them hope. 


Jeana Anderson, C.N.H.P., MMT, CLT, CEIM, CBS

Natural Helping Hands, LLC



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