01 Apr

Heed the messages given to you.

I was cleaning, and while sweeping the floor I had a strange thought.  I visioned a person doing my cleaning. That person was deep cleaning my house during the spring cleaning time of year, that being now. I then had the vision of myself cleaning, deep cleaning.   After this vision, I realized the meaning.  This time of year is the beginning of the year, and tonight will be the new moon, and the first day of the first month of the year in creation.  Spring is a time of cleansing. The earth shows the cleansing herbs growing, the new buds everywhere, the green ears of the vegetables and grains, and the rains.  This time of year, especially the Passover in 14 days from the new moon, is a time of cleansing our insides spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  It is a time to reflect on our year and realize our growth, and the power of the Messiah to intercede in the forgiving of our trespasses.  If we “hire” someone else to clean our homes, we miss out on knowing what we leave behind, and never learn to have better habits of cleanliness.  If we expect the pastor, friend, or counselor to fix our issues and tell us what to do, we will never see it for what it really is.  If we take the time to weed the innermost parts of our heart, mind and soul, we will become aware of the crumbs in places we never knew. We can free ourselves of chains,  overcome fear, conquer anxiety, and heal our bodies of impurities.  The only one that can do this best is you.  It is hard work, there is pain, and you will not like what you find, but the rewards are far more plentiful.  This is the time of year to set goals, and new year confirmations. NOW.

I will give you a few examples of things can do now that will absolutely change your life, and I mean for real, If you set your mind to them for the long haul.

  • Use “I require” instead of “I need”. The word need projects lack. If we are in the right mind set, we have no lack, only requirements.   Clear the channel for only the Creator and you. 
  • Use “inspiration” instead of “intention”.  The word intension projects a sense of tension.  Clear the channel for only inspired words, actions, and thoughts.
  • Keep the thought that all is well.  There is nothing to “protect”. We are aware, safe, prepared, and educated.  Keep the channel open for the messenger to relay the message we need when we need it, and the knowledge pop out when the moment lends itself. I have experience this personally as I allow for the knowing to be there when I need it. I continue to learn. 

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