26 Jan

Massage Your Baby, and Reap the Benefits in Yourself

I have massaged my own children from birth, with techniques and patterns, and have reaped the benefits of it in more ways than I can count.  I love massage and what it can do for people.  Just think about how massage makes you feel when you have a good, solid, specified massage.  I have had total lock ups in my core and QL (lower back), and other areas of my body, that have opened up completely after massage specified for the area of the body in need.  Just think what this will do for your baby or child.

I am here, helping parents to learn to massage and nurture their babies. It is much more than learning strokes. It is a profound way to:

  • Help babies get off to the best start for healthy growth and development
  • Support parents’ sensitivity to their baby (i.e. the parents understanding of their baby’s emotions and cues)
  • Encourage parent-baby interactions and parents’ capacity to support their baby’s regulation
  • Support parents’ adaptation of strokes as their child grows
  • Reduce symptoms of postnatal depression
  • Relieve stress
  • Increase school readiness
  • Help the whole family get off to the best start.

Make an investment in a lifetime of benefits for your child and yourself.   I say yourself because when your baby is healthy and happy, or calmed from symptoms or complications, you are less anxious and able to move through your days with confidence.

Register with me. If you are in a location other than Russellville, AR, contact me to discuss options (even to the extent of live video feed).

Jeana Anderson,


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