16 Jan

We cannot just give it up to “God”…

Hello. Hope you are all making this day worth something.

Today’s blog will be different, and more of a list of thoughts to ponder. Print them and share them.

We cannot just give it all up to “God”; Our Father, Creator, may be waiting for US to do something.  He does lay things in our laps…he leads things to be the way they are, and sometimes we have a say, and sometimes we do nothing, and sometimes (hopefully more than not) we do all we can and then it is more a reward.

We prophecy things into being, in what we say, in what we tell others, in our repeating beliefs to ourselves, and our daily habits.  We become relaxed and allow beliefs to become who we are, instead of who we are to be.  the truth will set you free

John 8: 31-32, The word does not bind us; it gives us liberty.

The mirror is the work of God; that is who we are. We need to be in the word to know the way. Hebrews 4

The only battle we have to win is our mind. Catch those thoughts. Who is leading your thinking?

If you are going somewhere, then there is NO time for wrong stuff and passive nothing. The blank mind provides room for the devil. Passive is killing us off.  When we spray poison, we cannot plant flowers. Call it out.  John 20:3

We all need to quit “don’t’n” and start “do’n”

signing off…be well, live well, eat well.

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