04 Nov


faith                                                                                                              LET’S get to moving and shaking the world around us. Let’s write a prayer, a request (the talking part), and then listen for the Voice, our core (our gut), to answer; the next step is to ACT. We have to be brave and “fall forward”. Failing is success.  Success is success.

Here is my prayer for today: a prayer of thanks. (WATCH FOR THE NEXT FEW BLOGS TO BE OUTRIGHT ACTIONS–that means you have to come back and read what I have to say next).

Thank you my Elohim, Father, for waking me up this morning, inspired and ready for the next challenge, battle, gift, you have for me. Thank you for your for being my armor, my guidance, my inspiration, my first glimpse of real Love and Life, my healer, my greatest physician (my only physician), my best counselor, my biggest pillow, my most patient listener, and my spiritual rock. You are the only voice that stays constant, that rules my heart and head, that keeps my gut (my core) the ruling part. I know that the gut is always your voice, no matter what, and the heart is the following part.  You, oh Father, are the greatest thing that every happened to me, and have blessed me with some of the greatest people, family, things on earth. Riches are not in earthly things, but rather you are in riches. Here we go Father! I want to be your advocate. I want to be your feet on this earth, creating paths for people to walk toward you; YOU want this for me (that is why I want this).  Our failings are in “I wants” except when we “want” you and your walk.  I will take no credit for myself; if I gain fame or popularity, I will keep on keep’in on, and know it is all for you to be known to the world; it is for every part and piece, before your great entrance back onto this earth comes.  If I stay low key, the same abides in me, keep on keep’in on.  Will you please lead me to take the things meant for action, off the page, out of head, and be rid of the “I don’t like the sound of my voice on video”, and the poor excuses, and the “I don’t know how” goofball statements lying to my heart and head.? Would you help me practice each day one new thing with my video camera, live feed, blogging, and other things I have issues with, and cause them to be strengths? I believe you are already working in me. I have a schedule for blogging (hate computer sit down jobs) and I have visions and ideas for great short video blogs/live streaming on Facebook, etc.  I have a written plan for creating times to speak to moms groups and home school groups, and other places to make a name out there. I know you have set me on a path the past two years, and I am ready to put it all into another gear higher (and speed scares me). I am going to do this stuff. I Love you Oh Father. In the name of the Messiah, Lord over me, I say AMEN.


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