06 Nov


good morning!

A couple days ago I heard some things I had not put to thought before, in the way they were said. I have been studying inspirations and what purpose is on earth all week; Friday I had been in the meditation near all morning on these subjects. These things are vital to health and wellness, and to the health and wellness of everyone around us.

Jesus, Yeshuah Messiah, is not Lord over this world. I said it. I have had back and forth thoughts on this for years, since childhood. I have been on all sides of this matter.  I now believe I understand the concept, maybe I always have deep down, but never wanted to admit it.  He is Lord over us in our walk when we ASK for him into our lives. We have to ask him into this world for him to be here. WE have to ask him and want him to be here.

Another thought to intertwine with that one…We want to know if we are in the last days. We ask constantly. Jude, II Timothy, Matthew 24, and Luke 17, all describe the turmoil, yet we focus too much on the details of the last days. Instead, we should focus on gospel of what he told us to preach, the gospel of the Kingdom of heaven on earth, the coming of the Messiah, and the return of the Father’s way exclusively.  The gospel is not about the last days. If we are focused on the coming of the Messiah and the return to the Father’s house as a Bride fully clothed and ready,  prepared to be a part of it, we will be focused upon ASKING him into our lives daily, when we arise and when we lie down.  When he returns, it will be business as usual, as we know it now, in the middle of all the turmoil, the world will not have put it to thought that we are in the “last days, and believers will be going about telling them so and making Jesus known as best they can.

Putting it together…Satan is over this world, and the body of believers move among it.  Now, to the devil, Satan, Lucifer, and what is going on, really. He is a cunning spirit; he was created that way.  He was one of the greatest in heaven, full of wealth and beauty and talent in music.  When he fell, he did not lose his gifts, or his character, just as we do not lose those things when we lose a job.  He was made low, and emptied of his position. He was not allowed to use them in heaven any longer.  His countenance fell, he became unhealthy, unclean in spirit, just as we become if angry or distressed over losing something/someone and allowing that spirit to take over.  He began to use his gifts to ruin lives instead of build them up.  He has to live through humans now, because he is not allowed to perform anywhere else.  He gains power over us, our families, our communities, our world. We have to armor up against them, with the power greater than he will ever be. He was given the earth to roam, not to create or change (remember this point).

Scriptures:   Satan’s gifts are written in Ezekiel 28:13-16, Isaiah 14:11-17, II Corinthians 11:14.  He was greater than the Seraphim and Cherubim, greater in wings, great in rank, and apparently great in knowledge (genius). He is the mask of light, because he was light but now can only mask light. He was chief in music and beauty.  Music, beauty, and money are his marks in this world. He has created focus on looks, what beauty is and what beauty is not. He has caused distortion in music so that there is much grief over what is pleasant to the ear, or how it affects us.  He has put into us the lie that it all matters, and that it does not matter…exaggerated on both ends.  He has caused money to rule so that the earth is no longer taken care of by man as intended. He uses and exchanges his talents to build himself up in man, utterly breaking down the human heart, mind and soul to death.

Satan may have his influences over these things in the world, because he is gifted in these areas, but our Father has influence over even that.  We do have the means to overthrow it all.  The Father wants to bestow wealth, beauty and wisdom,  yet he knows our flesh covering and the influences Satan has over us. The gifts we are given are not the same gifts Satan was given. Man was created in his image, in his likeness. Yes, we can be genius at some things, and have talent with an instrument or two, and be good at money management, but we do not have all these gifts in their fullness or do we have all of them (as did Lucifer).  The gifts Man was given are greater than anything Lucifer had before he fell, and will be greater than any in the future.  The gifts of man are unique and are not intended to rule or be above another gift, but rather to come together as a puzzle, in unity, to build a family.  Think on these things. Keep your eyes on the true prize (not in wealth, beauty and music of the world).


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