08 Nov

Allergies or Nasal congestion?

Many ways to take care of this.

congestion is congestion,  and it all comes from the nasal passages or the stomach (core) of your being.

I can help you with finding the right formulas for you. My daughter does well with homeapohy tabs. My son does better with tinctures and Allergy capsules. I do best with tincutures alone.

Contact me for the lists of the best I can suggest (tried and experimented with and watched many others do the same over 20 yrs)

NOTE: the ultimate best way to turn around the body to congestion and to allergies is with knowing the minerals controling you. Mineral hair analysis is the way to go. I use one of the best companies/labs for this: Trace Elements. I am a consultant, taking the samples and explaining the results to you. It is worth it!!! Babies, children, all ages, have been changed with just a simple test like this. There is much nutritional advice and supplement recommendations. If one does what the lab says, changes will occur, always for the better.

Massage also does great things for the allergies. It releives the lymph, relaxes the inflammed muscles, and causes cleansing, creating a stonger body to handle those congestion issues.

Contact me to find out more, or set a consulting apt.

I am a certified Health Coach and Massage Therapist, practicing herbalist, and healthy lifestyle advocate. I have done this my entire life.




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