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Healing yourself and others part 3

Another good well written article I am sharing. Why rewrite the stuff when someone already wrote it with style 🙂 (below is her blog post link, and copy and pasted article. In the copy and pasted part, I have removed the last part of her article because I have a different perspective about the “cannabis” issue, but it is all good in the end).


Source: The Sounding Off of an Unsound Mind


Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine: part 2 -The Good

This may be the most important blog I ever write.

For those that have just tuned in, there is a part 1 to this tale. It is bursting at the seams with information that simply points to a much bigger, hairier ordeal. We must take responsibility for our own bodies and learn to take care of ourselves. It is important that you understand where we are as a society, so that we can collectively move forward. I will attempt to address the good that is happening, and what you can do.

For those that don’t know me personally, my father passed away one year ago from aggressive prostate cancer. To say that it sucked is an understatement of gargantuan proportions, but it caused me to delve deep into the medicine surrounding cancer treatments and what progress is being made. My father refused to do chemotherapy. I don’t blame him. The cure rate for chemo is around 3%. (The odds are better if you are young…It also depends on the cancer itself.)

In my studies, I think I stumbled upon a secret that most do not understand…and I need to share with you….and you need to share it with everyone you know…

Are you ready?!
You ARE what you EAT!

You mean you’ve heard that before?! You should have. That was originally said by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, in ancient Greece. He realized ALL the way back then that eating a certain way seems to ward off pretty much Every. Single. Disease.

The idea is simple really. You body is an interconnected set of systems that run on a specific fuel source…like a car. If you were to put marine fuel into your car, It would not run well. (For those who are unaware, boats run on a slightly different fuel than cars.) It is the same with our bodies.

A moment about cancer:

Cancer naturally pops up in our bodies, but is wiped out by our own immune system before it can become a real problem. It is only when that cancer can get a steady supply of blood and nutrients that it actually takes hold and becomes an issue.

Dr. William Li with the Mayo Clinic has done a lot of research about angiogenesis. (AN-G-O-JEN-E-SIS) It’s a big word that means blood vessels in your body can OVER grow. What he found first was that when we eat the typical western diet (aka–junk and bread and junk…and then maybe a vegetable…deep fried), we cause our blood vessels to grow so much that they can feed blood and nutrients to other things…and if a cancer can get hold of some of that….you get the idea….

Here’s the good news: Dr. Li believes that 2 out of 3 cancers are caused by diet…and can potentially can be cured by diet! You can watch his TED  Talk here!


Cancer is nowhere near the only illness that food can fix! Diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure… Google how to naturally prevent these things from happening, and you will always get the same answer… Lots of organic veggies, lean organic meat, and less  (or less traditional) carbs.

Now, organic can be expensive, but it is worth it to keep chemical pesticides and GMOs out of your body. I’m notoriously cheap…I recite this mantra while grocery shopping: I can pay more money for the food now or more money for the doctor later.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: Organic food is becoming less expensive and more available all the time! In fact, the struggle of farmers to hang on to GMO corn is FAILING SO MISERABLY, we actually had to import over 40,000 lbs. of organic corn to meet the demand. Companies like Hershey’s are promising to be GMO free by the end of the year! Farmer’s markets are more popular than ever…The food revolution is upon us! I know that my state recently legalized raw milk sales… (I’m very excited!)

***I may try to write a blog on how to shop for healthy food amid all the fake healthy food soon.***

With regards to vaccines, the good news is that a revolution is occurring all around you…and it has recently caught fire with a little film called Vaxxed. Vaxxed: From Cover up to Catastrophe is a documentary produced by a well respected film producer who worked many years on the show The Doctors. He joined forces with Dr. Andrew Wakefield (Yes…THAT Andrew Wakefield…who incidentally was vindicated by the whistleblower from the CDC) to expose the world to the CDC’s fraudulent actions concerning the 2004 autism-mercury study.

It is changing lives. If you believe in transparent medical practices like I do, then support this film as it reaches your area, and get everyone you know to see it. The evidence is irrefutable. If you are particularly froggy and want to help more, try and join the support groups pressing to bring the movie to YOUR area.

Also, a local school in our area recently sent home flyers to every student giving some false information and scare tactics pushing the vaccine agenda. There are medical exemptions for vaccines in every state, and most also have philosophical and/or religious exemptions from vaccines. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VACCINATE! Turn to social media…Look for local groups. Someone will help you.

Doctors are sold out to medicine, that’s true. However, more and more doctors are coming to realize it, and many are switching over to a more naturopathic style of healing. Also, more people are opening natural offices of medicine. BE ADVISED: These people went to school and trained just as hard as a traditional M.D. You are NOT crawling into the hands of an amateur as some would have you believe. As with any doctor, check their background, but they put in the same 8 years as your doctor.

The herbs and minerals prescribed by these doctors are generally safer than pharmaceutical drugs, and they tend to treat the cause instead of the symptoms… (Big shock: They almost always start with your diet.)

The dental industry is waking up, too! You can now find natural dentists that will remove amalgam (mercury) fillings and replace them with safer materials. They also forego use of sodium fluoride. (which isn’t the kind that helps teeth) (neither is what’s in the water system…but that’s a different blog.)

Everywhere you see corruption in the world, there is some sort of coup bubbling under the surface. If Batman were real, he would be preparing his vigilante bat-gadgets onto his utility belt because the whole thing is close to blowing like Mount St. Helens. There is a Chinese curse that says,”May you live in interesting times…” Well, I think it’s safe to say we’ve been cursed, but it is also exciting. We all have a choice to become a part of the change that will be in history books 100 years from now. It is our time to make a difference…not by rioting or being violent or ostracizing like so many other groups for revolution, but through simple actions. Carving a different path by simply buying organic, buying local, growing a garden, choosing a natural doctor, refusing a flu shot, or voting…These small acts of defiance are the key. Not all superheroes wear capes. You can’t change the world, but you can make a dent. Take the bull by the horns.(…and any other cliches you can come up with.)

Until my next rambling, I bid you adieu. Peace.



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