09 Feb

the big “oil” trend….

I have a few things to share this day about oils that many do not know and are not being taught by the big companies.

1) Learn, research, about plants as you are learning about oils. Oils come in many forms, depending upon the process; and, oils have properties of the plants. It is very important to learn about the whole plant, and not just a name on a bottle that one person suggests a couple uses for. Learn where the plant grows, what it does, where the oil actually came from (because most oils cannot be grown here in this country, especially in the abundance needed for companies).
2) Research the differences between food grade, diffused, essential and other oil processes. There are great differences and uses. One big difference is the absorption in the body of oils. Please take care in researching this out carefully instead of listening to sellers in companies, who have listened to those above them, and have no clue except what they have been told. In other words, please prove all things in all things. Oils do not absorb well in our systems…this is a fact. Essential oils are even less absorbent in the digestive tract because they are even more concentrated than squeezed oil. The oil ends up in the digestive tract where it has to pass through the stomach and small intestine before it reaches the bloodstream; and from there, the oil molecules which, by now have been chemically altered by the materials they have come into contact with in the stomach and intestine; will reach the liver, pancreas, reproductive organs and eventually be excreted via the kidneys, bladder and large intestine.
There are REASONS we have teas, tinctures, tonics, oils, and more, from one plant tells us much about the creator’s amazing uses of a plant’s components. In the bible, and in solid research of oils best uses, the absorption is the greatest through the skin and air (nose). Essential oils SHOULD NEVER be ingested without complete knowledge of the oil and the plant and careful supervision for very specified things, and even then, it is questionable. This is not my opinion. It is science. Use a tea or use a tincture/concoction, to get peppermint or chamomile, or clove, etc…and USE an oil topically only. The oil will be 90 percent or better absorbed and used by the body topically through the skin, nerves, and even into the bloodstream.

NOTE: Any oil in a supplement/capsule, unless it is food grade (not essential or concentrated), will pretty much be wasted)

NOTE: Please understand there are food grade oils that are squeezed oils and are very good to take internally, for they are not concentrated: oregano, garlic, etc. Use the food grade companies, not the essential oil companies.

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