09 Feb

nurturing touch

Moms, do you need a little refresher break, or need to help your stressed system balance? Pregnant moms, do you need some relaxing gentle touch to relieve the ache? New moms and Dads, would you like to know how to calm your baby with nurturing touch? Parents, would you like to help your children have better physical growth, mental balance and internal growth? Parents or Coaches of children and young adults, do you have a team member(s) or athletic child with stressed legs, ankles or knees?

Contact me for more information on massage and how it can do so much more than relax.

Massage is healing, balancing, mentally stress relieving, circulation enhancing, and physically correcting. It is part of the whole health life. It is part of the normal, created physiology of the human body needs. Massage and nurturing touch are vital for humans and animals. Contact me to set up an apt.

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