10 May



Hello everyone

It has been a while since I mailed out a newsletter. I have a lot of information to pass along to you.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  😊


I have a book on the market.  Yes! it is finally completed.  I would love you to purchase a copy, and pass on the information to others.  I am including the link here.  Weeds: A Health Journey of Struggle, Discovery, and Healing with the Master Gardener Kindle Edition We have but one body for our entire lives. I made a commitment long ago to take exceptional care of my body because I did not want to become another statistic in the great line of those before me. Then alpha-gal syndrome (AGS) seeded itself in me, causing struggle and strife. I refused to let it take root. This book is about the journey how the Almighty Father, the Master Gardener, gave me the tools to discover, heal, and root out many fears, including AGS.

Watch for a print version on Amazon also.  We had a bit of a delay, but It will be up in the next week or so. 



I am opening a stretch class. I have two people signed up already.  The class begins Wednesday, May 17, at 8:00 am (we can move it to 9 am if that is better for everyone). I will begin with one a week, and move to two a week when we get going and I have a good amount of people.  I need a lot of help to spread the word.  Please pass this on to everyone. NEVER guess who might want to and who might not; You never know who has been thinking about it and It will surprise you, so please tell everyone.  Thank you.   (if you have Facebook, share my web page and it will have the info, easy to pass on to a lot of people at once).  Web page link for Natural Helping Hands  and link for Facebook page for Natural Helping Hands   $45 per month.  SUPER GOOD DEAL. Contact me to sign up. 


Exercise, Workouts, and Resources for education

One of the best places to get a great workout and do it at your leisure or with a group, is at Faithful Workouts.  Check them out for all your stretching, core, leg, and more workouts. You will also get food and spiritual encouragement advice.  I have used this group for many years. I will be going on a retreat with Michelle and others in the autumn.  I love this group. You will love it also.

ONE MORE THING: there is a great program beginning called Sugar challenge. I did it in the past and it really works! It will help you to find your issue with sugar, and tackle it.  you will have so much help and support.  Go for it. Added Sugar and Bread/carbs are the greatest threat to diet, weight loss, and other health related issues.

While we are on the subject of good resources: IIN is a great place to take a jump into learning, for yourself, family and friends.  I have been though the courses many years ago; it is worth the time and money.  You will get the best of the best out there. You will have all you need, and the overwhelming anxiety of “loads of information out on the internet” will be gone, with this one program.  I assure you that it will change your life!   Link for IIN is here.


SWIM Aerobics (all ages and abilities)

I am official AEA instructor for water aerobics. Is it fun, and it is one of the best ways to work out, especially with limited abilities, post trauma, and other things of that nature.  Talk to me about getting a class going on Petit Jean Mountain.  I plan to try a class on Thursdays or Fridays, at noon when the pool opens, to avoid the large crowds. I would have an hour instruction.  $6 per session/person.  Contact me to sign up. 


I really need reviews on the google and on my web page.  Would you please take a few minutes, and it really is just a few minutes, to write a 5 star review about your services with me.  It will help me to stay on top of the search bar for our area.  BE as detailed as you feel you want to be.  Health coaching, massage, and other services you have had with me, can be placed on the review.  REVIEWS for Natural Helping Hands


I am starting up Rumble again.  Thursday evenings live, 7 pm Central time.  Got to the link here. Rumble for Natural Helping Hands   I will speak about 15-30 minutes on health subjects, herbs, and massage techniques; It will be things not usually spoken about. 


Thank you for your support and referrals.  You are important. 

Faith Family Freedom Fitness Wellness  

Jeana Anderson, C.N.H.P., MMT, CLT, CEIM, CBS

Natural Helping Hands, LLC



501-690-3306 (I-phone)

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