01 Jun

More Alpha-Gal Research

I am very excited to find this research article (and yes, I read every bit of it slowly and carefully) after many months on a mission to find a cure for this ghastly thing called alpha-gal- many of my friends are afflicted with this, myself included. I have had it about a year, but only discovered what it was about six months ago. I immediately was on my knees asking the Father to lead me to figure this out or be led to the people he has on the same path. Before I came across this article, I was at the conclusion that there is more to this allergy than meets the eye, that it has to be a parasite, that it is a gut issue in the lining or tissues, and that the core is the place to kill it. I found this article to be on the same path in its questions of conclusion. I am contacting these doctors and setting up sessions to talk to them about being on the team of explorers to find the cause and cure. Pray with me and all who are in this cause and mission.

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