31 May

Separate the Wheat from the Tares

Obadiah… wow! And then we have Abraham Lincoln’s Lyceum Address in 1838, a prophecy for what has occurred in this nation, a nation chosen by Yahweh and now dying from within not from without. Coexisting with “tares” (evil) never succeeds nor ever becomes more peaceful; it is always less and less peaceful. Tares are false grain, zizanion, resembling wheat in every way except the seed; the seed is black and poison. (II Corinthians 11:14)

Now look up the address (link above) and read it carefully. Love is one thing, loving one another is not coexisting with evil. Love is changing evil to good, and saying no when it wants to come into your world (church, workplace, etc) with its agendas. We have to work with and school with the “world’s” junk but are not supposed to allow it to be heard or rule. Period.
Wheat Field
Quote from friend, “And health wise we have an ever increasing issue with wheat in this world. Makes you ponder how prophecy extends into all aspects of life to touch everything…..M has an epipen her reaction is so bad. She is allergic to most of the grasses here.”

MY response, “it is a gut issue, and the gut is the voice of God, plus the physical core of all our entire system. This is a fact. This is how I lead people to healing and myself as well, by getting to the core and ridding the cause, the tare, from the core, so that it cannot reproduce and become worse to death. This is a process you can combat and heal from. Begin to ask for the spirit to guide you, then begin to read all you can about the gut, and read about the lining of the stomach, and read about the tares in the bible and the physical ways the tares get in and cause issues. Begin to wipe it out from the inside out. Begin to rely on the Father as the primary physician, completely, trusting experimentation without the pharma/crooked doctor influence. Find a solid functional/integrative doctor who has this knowledge of process and elimination and healing, and faith as a top priority. You can turn it around.”
Wheat in July
There is only one way! There is only one God: the Almighty Elohim. We cannot be led by man and The Almighty, but only one: and only one has life.

I believe that the biggest reason there are wheat sensitivities (such as myself this year even though I ate clean all my life) are from the wheat being mixed with the tares so much that the tares and wheat can hardly be identified as different, BUT the tares will always be poison and always weaken the wheat where they are allowed to be. I grew up with wheat farmers and my Dad told me how much harder it was to get the tares out compared to when he was a kid, etc…

THIS IS SPIRITUAL, not physical. If we followed the Creator’s law to the letter, took care of the earth as we were directed, the tares would never have a chance (try but never come in). Our people (the believers) have allowed every “christian” belief system to be ok and accepted into the “body”, and every doctrine be deemed tolerable, and every lifestyle be acceptable, and every dirty joke be just a joke, and every kind of clothing style and hair style be a “phase or personality”, and every doctor and pharmacist be a god, and every judge and leader walk on red carpet, and, and, the list can go on. This is all a disgrace and embarrassment to each and every one of us. We have allowed political correctness to live out its definition: “fruit of the silencing of the opposition of the tare.”

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