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Letter boxing is awesome! I grew up in the great outdoors of the west, and I have raised my kids to be the same in the great outdoors in Arkansas. We are travelers, sojourners, tourists, and warriors.   We love exploring, in many different aspects, in many different environments.  I want to encourage you to do the same with your family. If you feel overwhelmed with this idea, then begin with LETTER-BOXING. This is a great way to begin the journey outdoors, learning about the communities around you, animal or people communities, city or rural communities.

We have found letter boxes, and some pretty creative stamps, all over Arkansas, South Dakota, New Mexico, Missouri, and other places when we think of looking while traveling. I have been out of practice for a couple years while my kids are moving into the adult world/college, etc, after being home schooled for their entire childhood (they went to college early and are doing well :))

OH! what is letter boxing, you ask?! It is a journey of clues, and detective work.  It is about journalism and being creative.  It is about stamps from all over the country and world.  You create a stamp or purchase a stamp that is unique to you, that you take with you, along with a created or purchased journal, when you go out to find a letter box. You stamp the found journal and leave a message about you and where you are from.  You can create your own boxes with stamps and journals and place them in locations also, but you have to create fun and inviting clues to find the box.  If this is not making sense, just look on LetterBoxing.org and find out all you need to know. It was all started by a person in England who wanted to encourage people to get outside and travel, and “meet” (through the journal) people from all over the country and sometimes world. We had some people from China and other places sign our journals and find our boxes here in AR. It is such fun to go check your box, and check on other boxes, to discover those who have passed by and left their stamp 🙂

I am going to begin a letter boxing blog of the boxes I find and the places I find them. I will not give away location, but I will post pictures and the things I wrote into the journals I find.

Keep up with my Letter boxing blogs to find out where I hide my next one, or where I find one.

Jeana, nature mama, Natural Helping Hands LLC, www.naturalhelpinghands.com

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