26 May

Reason Number One

Last night I shared an article that was really encouraging to me. Today I’d like to share one of the reasons the article really helped me.

I recently acquired a terrible thing called alpha-gal….it is a tick-borne protein in the blood of mammals and ticks, that causes humans not to be able to eat anything mammal. I have had this for about a year but did not really figure out it was alpha-gal until the past few months. I have not told anyone much because it has rocked my world and taken me time to really ingest what I have and research it out.

I have decided that I do not believe this is a “protein” but rather a “parasitical protein”> I am on a BIG mission to find a cure. I know I will find it despite the labs and doctors saying there is nothing that can be done except elimination for life. I am unwilling to live without dairy and mammal foods for the rest of my life, or even the next year. I am totally faithful that the Father will allow me to find a way through this and help the world with the cure.

If you all know of anything that can enhance my learning, please send. Do not send links or media or whatever else, but rather personal learning from solid sources that has helped you or a loved one. I am on a program right now to see if it will lead to a cure.

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