08 Jan

notes for life…evil and good

hello everyone.

You are amazing. You were made by a most wonderful creator. You have power to call upon at any time, at any moment, against any peril, for any blessing, and with Love that surpasses all understanding behind it all (or in front of it all).

I am sitting here, making supper, and listening to the mayhem in the other room coming from a movie. I will not name the movie, but it has been deemed one of the greatest book to movies.

I have always been mostly good at looking away from bad things, or not partaking in activities that were not exactly down a path that would be enhancing. The older I have grown, the easier it has been to keep away from music that was not pleasant to the ears, or say no to movies that were less than teachable.  I became stronger in this after becoming a mother, taking every moment to be particularly careful of the things the kids watched and listened to, creating strong foundations in what was good from the early years, so that when they were older, they could choose well and with wisdom; this has worked well, yet they do fall to the “curiosity” of a great book series or movie that the world has deemed a greatness.  I sit here with the sounds in the background, listening to encouraging music in my ears to wash out those sounds, and wonder, “what is so appealing about that stuff?” What is so intriguing about it all, all that the world makes up? I do understand that evil loses in the movie, but does it really? Those pictures and those words and that music will forever be in the minds of those who have viewed and listened to it.

Satan shows himself in full color in those books, movies, and songs;  He grows strong with the weakness of the human spirit: power and wealth (whether in knowledge, money, or magic).  He knows how the human mind can be deceived by that one word, “you will have all power”.  This is a lie of course, but people still fall under the trance, thinking they know enough to keep the upper hand. The human mind has another flaw, as my troop in the other room watching that movie: that they can watch it, knowing it is fake, and not be influenced.  Bhwahahaa! That is a bigger lie than the power lie.

I am here to say that it is possible to turn away, though difficult under all the peer pressure, family pressure, and social pressure.  It is possible to be different, to be in the world and not a part of her. It is possible to have a good life without the those things.  I do not miss any of what I do not take in, and sometimes I do not miss what I have taken in and figure out to be a “misguided influence”.  I have to strive against these things daily just like everyone else, and yet, at the same time, the more I practice focusing on things that matter, the better I become at leaving the others behind.

Live well, be healthy, smile


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