11 Nov

ready for real change? want healing for your child?

I just spoke with a friend and a client. She did a hair analysis with me through the best lab (recommended in books) in the nation for this kind of test. She has been learning so much about herself, experimenting with taking things out and adding things in to her food and life and supplements. She just told about how she stopped taking her calcium this week and has felt so much better, and her heart was not hurting at all; she said is had affected her sluggishness during the mid day and other things, that are disappearing! The analysis results showed that she did not need calcium; she needed other things to absorb it (there is more detail in this if anyone wants more examples). I am just on a high for what can be done and how the body will heal anything given a chance. I had a convo with someone last night who has a daughter with tourettes, which is totally curable despite the pharma take on it. It is a disorder in the category of ADD and other things similar. It is a mineral/vitamin/nutrition deficiency/gut disorder. It can be fixed. It can be cured!! Please contact me if you want to change your life or change your child’s life. I am totally excited about having complete and total time to serve and learn. I am learning so much more than I have ever, putting pieces together I never would have put in the same puzzle. The body is AMAZING! THE CREATOR IS AMAZING. We are given the power to heal and be healers. Action friends. NOW BREATHE, just breathe. AND LISTEN. just listen.




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