25 Jul

Healthy Back series

I would like to encourage you to get on board and take time to go through this series every day for the next few days. Your back will thank you, your entire body will thank you.

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Healthy Back Series

So many struggle with back pain. That doesn’t have to be you.

This page has all your resources for the Healthy Back Series.

Equipment Package: Band, Loops (2), Ball

Why you need this Healthy Back Series

Millions struggle with chronic back pain. Sadly, they often turn to surgery which doesn’t provide the relief they need.

Session 1: Common Everyday Causes of Back Pain

Common reasons for back pain and how to avoid them.

Session 2: Back Strength

If you want to eliminate or prevent back pain, one of the most important things you can do is have a strong core.

These exercises are focused on core strength. Try to do these multiple times a week

Session 3: Back Stretches

One of the main reasons that we experience back pain is due to tight muscles. So much of our day is spent sitting which causes us to feel stiff and achy.

Spend time each day stretching your muscles and you will feel so much better!

Session 4: Range Of Motion and Foam Rolling

As we age we tend to lose range of motion in our joints. This causes us to have pain and can contribute to injuries. Doing daily movements that use full range of movement are important.

In addition, using a foam roller is a great way to get rid of “knots” and also help with range of motion.

Session 5: What you Eat and Think

Inflammation in our bodies is a big contributor to many chronic illnesses. It also impacts the pain we feel in our joints. What you eat and stress are common factors impacting inflammation.

If you want to live with greater health and less pain than you need to work on controlling the inflammation in your body.

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