21 Sep

Healthy Eating While Traveling

This is amazing 🙂 I have spent no more than $100 to eat for a week this way, for two! I have done it for four (even with Michael, my teenage son!) for $150.  Eating well does not have to be expensive! We have gone out twice to three times in a week and a half, while on a trip! It is possible. We have an electric portable stove and a small 4-6 cup “aroma pressure cooker/steamer/crock” (it is fast: wild rice in 20 min or less, meat in less).

Healthy Dinner

I would love to get a group together and teach this stuff. (I charge a fee as a note but it is worth it!). Trip eating: been doing it my whole life. Home making lunch, etc…even food stamps can buy healthy!


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