12 Jan

Update On Me, and Amazing People Out There

Alpha-Gal allergy people have side effects, and it seems that gluten is a big one. I believe that it is due to the effects of the allergy in the blood and lower intestines that cause weakening of the lining and other issues, and then these side effect allergies occur.

I believe that this is all conquerable.  I had a side effect of egg and almond allergies but not anymore that I can tell.  I am able to eat gluten some again, but I am still careful because it causes my sleep to be affected some.  I plan to add a page very soon, for my local River Valley area and surrounding areas, to show the places where it is safe to eat with this mammal allergy.  I will have categories for places safe, places not safe, foods brands safe, links to the lists of ingredients to be aware of, lists of ingredients that can be both vegan and animal-based, companies that have been contacted to change their product and links for people to write in to ask them to have options for us (such as vegetable capsules, and plant glycerin and Vitamin D). The page will be free to start, and will eventually become a paid subscription service.

Be watching my Facebook page and my web page for updates and new blog posts as I am beginning to put stuff up again (I kind of got out of sync with the blogging and updating).  My book has taken a little delay also, so keep watching for it to be published by February. Be encouraged.   That is my update for now.

Carry on and keep healthy!

I leave you with some info I copied from the site for gluten-free info and help. It is the best I have seen, and I love the “watch” section.  I plan to have a section like this called “the alpha-gal watch” to keep updated like she does this gluten free site.

The Gluten-Free Dietitian web site was started to help you or someone you love successfully follow a safe and nutritious gluten-free diet. I am a nutrition consultant who has specialized in celiac disease and the gluten-free diet since 1996.

If you are new to the diet, the Gluten-Free Diet Basics and Resources pages will help you get started.

Timely information on the gluten-free diet can be found in the Gluten-Free and Nutritious Too! newsletter.

If you are looking for books written by me on the gluten-free diet visit the Books page.

Finally, if you have any questions about the gluten-free diet, please visit the Contact page.

If you are interested in learning whether the foods you eat truly are gluten-free foods, please visit our sister site Gluten Free Watchdog